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Help & Info about CPU-Z for windows

  • 1. What is CPU-Z?

    CPU-Z is a program that helps you learn more about the core of your PC hardware, offering useful information on its various aspects. The program’s interface has different tabs that individually display the CPU speed and type, RAM speed and amount, motherboard information, graphics card model, etc.
  • 2. Is the software free, and what platforms does it support?

    Made by CPUID, CPU-Z is free to download and use. As far as platforms go, CPU-Z supports almost all versions of the Windows operating system, which includes Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit), Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server, and Windows 7 (64-bit).
  • 3. Who is CPU-Z for?

    CPU-Z is for people who would like to make sure their computer’s CPU configuration and other hardware are correct. People who have recently bought a new computer and want to cross-check if everything the manufacturer claimed is accurate would appreciate this application. Also, people who are considering upgrading the hardware on their computer would find this tool handy.
  • 4. Why is CPU-Z such a convenient tool to have?

    Traditionally, if you wanted to learn about your computer’s guts, you had to open the case for a look, and then check the memory, hard drive, etc. CPU-Z eliminates that disassembling part and makes life easy. If you were considering overclocking the graphics card or CPU on your computer, CPU-Z would give you information about multiplier, current core speeds, bus speed, etc.
  • 5. Is the program compatible with all hardware?

    Yes, CPU-Z works with almost all computer hardware, including the latest ones and the ones awaiting public release. And in case there happens to be compatibility issues, the tool can always by updated by CPUID, thanks to it being a software program.
  • 6. How is the installation process?

    CPU-Z is easy to install. The small file doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your computer’s hard disk. During the installation, make sure Conduit doesn’t get added to your computer. Remember to check off conduit.exe while installing. You can do so by selecting “custom” install instead of “recommended” install.
  • 7. What is the interface like?

    The program's interface or layout makes locating information you need extremely easy. At the top, you would see tabs providing access to information about different parts of your computer, including caches, CPU, memory, graphics and SPD. This segregation makes the information presented look less overwhelming.
  • 8. Does the application help generate and save reports?

    Yes, the app does let you generate reports. You could choose to save those reports if you want to, or just stick to reviewing the information every now and then. Besides report generation, the program also provides you options to inspect driver updates and BIOS. This add-on feature makes the application a lot more holistic.
  • 9. Does the app help you understand the information presented?

    No, CPU-Z only sticks to presenting the hardware information as it is or preparing reports of it. It doesn’t come up with explanations of the technical information displayed. So, if you’re a beginner who doesn’t understand computer jargons, you would have a hard time making anything out of the raw data.
  • 10. Could malware be an issue?

    Yes, malware and adware could be a problem with installing this program. And this is not unique to CPU-Z. Almost any free tool on the Internet presents such issues. As a user, you must be wary about these possibilities and vigil enough to ensure no such miscreants make their way into your computer.


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